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Author: Görrel Espelund

Pojken som fångade vinden

Med titlarna Black Earth Rising och The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, lämnar streamingtjänsten Netflix, Europa och USA och öppnar

Do you speak South African?

South African English is not like any other English. Of course it is English, but it’s got its own characteristics and

Letter from: Dar es-Salaam

”He’ll be on time,” said the lady at the front desk at the hotel where I was staying. I’d been in Tanzania

“We started a small business”

The development of social protection programmes is something relatively new in Africa. However, in the last decade almost all African

The Year in Politics

It’s the time of the year when we start to look back at major events of 2018. From a political

Små steg framåt efter #metoo

Ska Rwanda än en gång visa vägen i Afrika? Ja, det verkar så. Tillsammans med organisationen Care International har YMCA

Focus: African Literature

Eight years ago, the Book Fair in Göteborg – with an average of 100 000 visitors – announced its theme