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Travel plans for 2018

Travel plans for 2018

Doing what we do, i.e. travelling for a living, requires a certain amount of planning. Or a lot, I should say. Sure, it sounds romantic to just hop on a plane with a small bag and no plans but believe me: that is not how most seasoned travellers do it. At least not if travelling is part of their work. So for 2018, we already have a fairly good idea of where we will be going, with a few gaps still to fill. And since our travels will reflect in this blog, here’s a bit of a heads up on what to expect from us.

For the first few months we will remain in South Africa. We are both busy with new book projects and the beginning 2018 will see us spend most of our time by our computers. We will mix our writing though with a bunch of guiding sessions for our brilliant friends over at Propel Africa. This will take us across the country a few times and will also include a diverse range of bush experiences, from which you are sure to be seeing pictures if you follow me Instagram. We also have a few upcoming journalistic assignments for Scandinavian clients, some of which involve the exciting political development in South Africa as well as the very urgent water crisis here in Cape Town. In April we will spend some time in Kruger National Park for no other reason than that we love the place and we want to share it with two close friends.

We are going to Sweden in May on family business and for the release of Görrel’s book. I will take the opportunity to meet with my publisher in Lund and spend a month or so finalising my manuscript. My book is due to be released during the second half of this year and you will hear more about both books in the months to come.

While in Europe we will travel to some of our favourite destinations there, and possibly a few new ones. As always, we will most likely go to France and we are also keen on taking our beloved Land Rover on a road trip through Sweden. Apart from that we are yet to decide on plans for the European summer.

In September we are going with friends to Masai Mara in Kenya for a week of safari and a few days in Nairobi. Our friends at Ecolyx have helped us put together what promises to be a great itinerary where we will stay at temporary bush camps and do a fair share of exploring on foot. We have planned the trip to maximise the chances of seeing and photographing the great migration, something which I have only done before in Serengeti on the Tanzanian side, so I am very much looking forward to this opportunity.

Later in September we will be back in Sweden. First we are off to the very north for a birthday party and hopefully some wonderful photo opportunities in the area around Kiruna. Then there is the annual international book fair in my hometown Göteborg, after which we will most likely return to South Africa since we both have a series of guiding assignments lined up for next season.

We are yet to schedule two trips that we know will also happen during 2018. One to Zambia and one to Malawi. Both of them involve reporting on some very interesting topics but for now we will keep the details to ourselves.

Please watch this space if you want to join us. And do get in touch with your thoughts and comments. See you on the road.

Andreas Karlsson

Journalist, author, photographer and safari guide. Read more about Andreas here.