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Photo exhibition: While it is still there

Photo exhibition: While it is still there

The African wilderness is a mythical place. A dream destination for many; a part of the world that symbolises our own heritage and origin as human beings as well as the vastness and beauty of untouched nature. In Africa, you will find some of the most diverse eco systems in the world and the continent is home to iconic animals and plants, recognised by people all over the world.

My ambition with the photo series While It Is Still There is to draw attention to the African wilderness that I am fortunate to call my work place, but which I am also increasingly concerned about. There are dark clouds on the horizon, in the shape of human settlements, environmental hazards, poaching and general disrespect by us humans. My photos portray the beautiful yet melancholic, the proud yet threatened, the strong yet vulnerable African nature. They are there to inspire you to engage and to travel – responsibly – to experience it for yourself, or to remind you of past trips and experiences of your own.

While It Is Still There will be on display at Afriduka i Mariefred, Sweden, from 2 June to 30 September. At 12:00 (noon) on the opening day (2 June) I will be there to talk you through the photos and tell you more about my work. Between noon and 1pm, a generous discount will be offered on all prints.

Buy prints from the series
A limited number of prints are available for purchase (30 signed and numbered prints per photograph). They are 300×400 mm and printed on the high-quality gallery paper Hahnemüle Photo Rag (308g), 100% cotton, acid free. The photos are sold unframed. We highly recommend that they are professionally framed with a frame/technique of your choice. All numbered photos come with a certificate of authenticity and a personal story from the photographer.

Andreas Karlsson

Journalist, author, photographer and safari guide. Read more about Andreas here.