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New book by Görrel Espelund

New book by Görrel Espelund

Two years ago, I started the research for my book about the descendants of the white settlers in Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe. When independence came to these countries most whites decided to leave – but some stayed.

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During my years as Africa correspondent and later, on my travels throughout the African continent, I’ve met some of these “white Africans” and I’ve become curious to find out more about the white community. What happened to the whites who stayed after independence? Who are the grandchildren to the white settlers? And what do they think about issues such as; identity, the legacy of their forefathers, the land, the future and the commitment to the continent?

On my first trip to Zambia I travelled to Mpika and Shiwa Ngandu to meet the Harvey brothers – grandchildren to one of the most eccentric settlers I’ve come across: Stewart Gore-Browne. Since then, I’ve interviewed young and old of the settler families and in May the book was published. It is written in Swedish and for those of you who speak the language you can find out more here.



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