6 websites you should read

Being an expert on something is not entirely about knowing every single detail. It is also about knowing where to find relevant information, being well-connected and constantly sieving through a wide range of resources.

Over the years you develop certain routines for this and in today’s world that will inevitably include a substantial amount of online work. Being professional journalists and travellers, we always prefer gathering first-hand information, but let us be honest here: that is simply not always possible. And with such an enormous amount of seriously good information out there, there is no need to invent the wheel all over again. It is just a question of finding and judging what is relevant – something which can indeed be a challenge.

So, here is a quick guide to six online sources of Africa-related information that we routinely use in our work. This does not necessarily mean that we agree with or endorse everything on these websites, but we do find them valuable in keeping up to date, checking facts and getting a general overview. Why not add them to your daily reading list?

Africa Check

This is the leading website for a fact-checking African news. Africa Check’s researchers examine everything from political statements and promises to viral hoaxes on social media. And they are seriously good at what they do. The website is primarily focused on South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, but will occasionally stray beyond that.


Working very much in the same spirit as Africa Check, the South African investigative journalists of amaBhungane have an impressive record of scoops and exposing reports. Their major stories can often be found in newspapers such as Mail&Guardian and on their own website they publish many other interesting findings.

Africa Is A Country

Developed from a blog that started in 2007, this website is all about challenging established media outlet’s reporting from Africa. It has a bold and unusual take on things, sometimes rather philosophical, and with a refreshingly wide range of perspectives. This is the kind of articles that we often find ourselves saving on our devices for long journeys when we need to pass time during layovers etc.

Daily Maverick

Yes, this is a somewhat biased South African news service, with the same kind of liberal foundation as the opposition party Democratic Alliance. However, some very good journalists, writers, and experts fill their columns, and this is where we go for those (very) long, in-depth articles about complicated events and developments in South Africa.

Africa Geographic Blog

As you will know by now, nature and wildlife are important parts of our life and travels in Africa, and we are constantly searching for inspiration and interesting discoveries. Africa Geographic used to be a printed magazine but has since moved all its content online. We particularly enjoy their blog, where knowledgeable writers share fascinating nature stories and experiences.

Andreas Karlsson

Journalist, author, photographer and safari guide. Read more about Andreas here.